Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House invites all to come away for awhile to rest, renew and deepen your relationship with our Lord.
We are a retreat facility operated by the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. The facility includes a chapel, library, dining room and fifty individual rooms with private bathroom and showers in each. We are situated on a beautiful spacious acreage amid the rolling hills just southwest of Waverly, Nebraska.
Our Mission is to enrich the spiritual lives of the people of the Diocese of Lincoln through meaningful retreat experiences and hospitality in the context of good stewardship.
Good Counsel Retreat House offers retreatants an atmosphere of prayer and recollection in a quiet, clean and serene facility. The grounds allow for either a vigorous run, or a leisurely stroll in the clean air and rolling hills of our beautiful Nebraska countryside.
We have the capacity to serve more than 2,500 retreatants annually. The proximity of the Retreat House to Lincoln allows the priests of the diocese to attend one of three scheduled retreats without having to drive great distances, and thus be away from their parishes for an extended period of time. Each year a schedule of 20-25 retreat weekends are made available to lay men and women. This is in addition to 14 Engaged Encounter weekends devoted to those preparing for marriage as well as many midweek days of reflection by lay faithful men and women seeking the peace and consolation that only Christ can bring.


James V. Casey
Realizing the importance of a quiet and peaceful environment where Catholics might go to reassess their values, learn to judge all things in the light of faith and deepen their knowledge of Sacred Scripture & Tradition, Bishop James V. Casey began the process of planning for the building and the operation of such a place.
In November of 1959, Bishop Casey approached the Minster Provincial of the Franciscan Fathers of the Sacred Heart of St. Louis Missouri concerning the establishment of the first retreat house in the Diocese of Lincoln. They accepted his invitation and in the simplistic spirit of St. Francis, the planning began. On April 10, 1962, Bishop Casey blessed the site and construction began immediately.
The first retreatants arrived on October 10, 1963, followed by thousands of spiritually hungry souls in the years following. The Friars were edified by the renewed spirit of all who availed themselves to the invitation to "come away to a quiet place and rest awhile." However, because of lack of personnel to staff the retreat center and funds to maintain it, the Franciscans found it necessary to seek permission to withdraw. On June 1, 1978, Good Counsel Retreat House was transferred from the Franciscans to the Diocese of Lincoln. It has been operated by the Diocese of Lincoln to our present day. From Bishop Casey's seed planting in 1959 until today, the Retreat House has been a part of the unfolding plan of God.


Though the Retreat House is an entity of the Diocese of Lincoln, we have no community attached to us for the purpose of support and thus we have relied on the generosity of many individuals and organizations throughout the Diocese. Organizations such as Altar Societies, PCCW and Knights of Columbus Councils along with many individuals throughout the diocese have assisted us in our mission of advancing the Kingdom of God.
From those early days when the Franciscans formed the "Third Order Franciscans" to assist them in their work for the Lord, we have relied heavily on the help of our lay faithful men and women in the operation of the Retreat House. For this we are eternally grateful and pray the Lord to continue to bless all with hearts of generous love.
If you would like to hear more about our past, present or future mission to the people of God, or would like to assist us financially in a major way, our Development Director would be happy to meet with you personally and privately. Please click here to make a monetary donation, or call (402) 786-2705.
For those of you who have never visited our grounds, we invite you to do so and see what others have experienced. You can get a glimpse of our facilities by checking out our Photo Gallery.
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