This is what you can expect at a typical retreat.

Friday Evening

8:00pmRosary (silence begins)
8:15pmCelebration of Mass

Saturday Morning

7:45amMorning prayer in chapel
11:00amCelebration of Mass
12 NoonLunch
The period after lunch until 3:00pm is meant for quiet private devotions, such as reading of the Holy Scriptures, Stations of the Cross, Rosary, and rest.

Saturday Afternoon and Evening

3:00pmConference—Chapel followed by personal reflection and prayer. A priest will be in the confessional for those desiring to receive the Sacrement of Reconciliation.
5:30pmRosary in the chapel
6:00pmAngelus-Dinner-Recreation begins after dinner until 7:30pm. A priest will hear Confessions until 7:50pm.
8:00pmHoly Hour with conference and Benediction


7:45amMorning prayer in the chapel
9:30amConference in the chapel
11:00amCelebration of Mass and Homily
12 NoonAngelus and lunch, followed by departure

A Comment About Silence

Silence — The solemn regard for silence is one of the most honored and treasured traditions of a retreat. Silence is observed during the entire retreat with the exception of the listed recreation period. At first, some people may find silence a bit difficult, but it is essential so that all retreatants can have time for their own conversation with God. Silence, the Saints tell us, makes audible the voice of God; therefore, silence is a must.
Interior Silence —  Used to maintain a personal sensitivity to the movements of the Holy Spirit. At the time of a retreat, the Lord God speaks to you and you must provide silence in which to hear Him.
Exterior Silence — An act of charity, a respect that prevents you from interrupting someone else's conversation with the Lord.
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