Dear Friends,

Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House is incredibly blessed to witness the grace of God working in the lives of so many people through this ministry of the Diocese of Lincoln, building the faith and spiritual life of all who come here.

  • We are blessed to expand the number of annual retreats we offer to over twenty-five weekend retreats for laity, in addition to many retreats for our priests, seminarians, school administrators and teachers, school groups, and day retreatants.
  • We are blessed that in the coming year we will also be expanding to offer fourteen Engaged Encounter weekends to prepare couples for marriage, as well as hosting a number of Integrity Restored clergy trainings.
  • We are blessed to have the Knights of the Holy Eucharist, Franciscan brothers, serving here now for over a year, including recently hosting a powerful Eucharistic Adoration retreat.

As Bishop James Conley has recognized, this “age of noise diminishes virtue, and charity, and imagination, replacing them with anxiety, and worry, and exhaustion.” There is a great need for times of prayer and silence in order to be transformed, to live, speak, act, and think differently.

Hence the great gift and value of our Retreat House: for so many it is a place of refuge and solitude, a place of renewal and conversion, a place to converse with God Who is truly present.

Therefore we are launching a prayer campaign, "Love Made Visible" inspired by the Pastoral Letter of Bishop James Conley released on Holy Thursday. Bishop Conley encourages all of us to spend time in Eucharistic Adoration, which we will be doing on our retreats. It is a prayer campaign because ours is a spiritual outreach of touching lives and healing souls, whose value cannot be calculated using worldly measures of success.

Our "Love Made Visible" prayer campaign is two-fold: first, we at Good Counsel Retreat House and all our retreatants will join in praying for your intentions, especially at our monthly Mass offered for all the retreatants. Second, we ask that you keep our intentions in your prayers, especially in your Holy Hours and Eucharistic visits:

  • That God use Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House as an instrument of grace, touching the hearts of all who come here.
  • That God lead many people to come on retreats, that more will see the need for silence and prayer, and find such a place of sanctuary at Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House.
  • That God provide generous donors and benefactors who will support us to continue our ministry and improve our work and facilities, as we provide a place of prayer and retreat.

Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House is debt-free and strives to be self-sufficient, receiving only twenty-thousand dollars from the Charity and Stewardship Appeal of the Diocese of Lincoln. In recent years we have been able make some small improvements in the chapel and library.

Along with the blessings, we face the challenges of an aging building with many needs and projects. Our needs include:

  • replacement of a failing air conditioner
  • room and shower renovations
  • remodeling of the kitchen and dining room
  • starting an endowment fund

And we do not know the impact the opening of a new nearby retreat center will have on us next year.

Hence you can see why we write to ask your prayers. Only with your help can "Love Made Visible" continue to be manifest at Good Counsel Retreat House.

If you would like to learn more about our ministry and future plans, or feel called to be a more significant supporter of our refurbishing projects and assist us in our ongoing mission, we would be glad to share with you (or your parish organization or group) an in-depth look at our projects and all the aspects of our continued service to the people of the Diocese of Lincoln.

Contact me or our Development Director, Al Zach at or (402) 786-2705, and we would be most grateful to talk about the many ways you can support Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House.

Please consider becoming part of "Love Made Visible" and the Retreat House family, helping us evangelize the world with your spiritual and temporal support.

Fr. Gary Coulter, Director
Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat House
7303 N 112th St - Waverly NE 68462
(402) 786-2705 -

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